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Author Topic: Questions about the Supermobile...  (Read 13329 times)
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« Reply #40 on: August 18, 2005, 12:47:19 AM »

Quote from: "Village Idiot"
In the world of horribly redundant superhero vehicles, the Supermobile reigns supreme!  

And I suppose, among the vast science and technological resources that Superman would have at his disposal, a super vehicle of some kind makes sense.  

My favorite aspect of the Supermobile is the Super-visor, a binocular like apparatus that rises from the dashboard, with a dial allowing Superman the option of x-ray, telescopic, infrared, and normal vision.  Normal vision?  Why is there a setting for normal vision?  If he wanted normal vision, all he'd have to do is move his head to the side three inches.

I could see the Supermobile being useful to Superman as a FTL ship for travelling between starsystems, with a computer linked to the Forteress of Solitude's own, and with sensors, weapons and equipment that could be useful to Superman on a number of missions on far-off worlds.  

Of course, the advantage to having Superman's powers would be the economy in terms of life-support needs..
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« Reply #41 on: May 03, 2015, 02:39:47 AM »

Hi all,

I am curious which story first featured the Supermobile?

Does it have an origin in that issue?

What is the most memorable Supermobile issue?

I ask these questions because the Supermobile was used a few times when I was a kid on the old Superfriends show, but I have never read a comic where it was referenced or used.

I'm very curious as to where it came from and what the logic of its creation was.


The only appearances of the Supermobile that I'm aware of are Action Comics #481

And Action Comics #482

I have them both but have never read them.

This thread started in 2004, and amazingly enough, there was never a post with a link to the story in question.  It's possible that I actually bought and scanned this issue because of pocketmego's inquiry.

This is the first appearance of the Supermobile - I don't know whether or not I've got the second one around.


"The bottom line involves choices.  Neither gods nor humans have ever stood calmly in a minefield forever.  Good or evil, they are bound to choose.  And when they do, you will see the truth of all that motivates us.  As a thinking being, you have the obligation to choose.  If the fate of all mankind were in your hands, what would your decision be?  As a writer and an artist, I've drawn my answer."   - Jack Kirby
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