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Author Topic: What other Comics...  (Read 13664 times)
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Superman Family
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« on: May 13, 2004, 02:20:07 AM »

So, what other comics do you all collect?

I collect only Superman titles every moth. But, I read other things in Trade Paperback. Most notably, Justice League.


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Super Monkey
League of Supermen
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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2004, 04:27:49 AM »

I collect Supergirl and Superboy classic comics Cheesy

I am also starting to get into classic Batman comics as well.

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The Starchild
Last Son of Krypton
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Posts: 377

« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2004, 05:16:12 AM »

As far as the Superman books go, I regularly pick-up Birthright and Superman/Batman, both of which I enjoy very much.  The others - Action, Adventures, and Superman - I'll pick-up (or not) on a case-by-case basis.  I'm currently checking out the new team - looking up, but it's not really anything to write home about.  The recent deluxe projects I enjoyed were Red Son and Secret Identity.

I also regularly read Fantastic Four (Waid and Wieringo), The Escapist (Michael Chabon and many others), Bone (Jeff Smith), and Uncle Scrooge (for the Don Rosa stories).

Sounds like a small list, but it sure costs a bundle!

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Superman Emergency Squad
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Posts: 71

« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2004, 11:40:04 PM »

I try to collect Supergirl comics aswell. Preferably the silver age books but it gets pricey. Alot of the times i'll buy whatever's cool. Toys, unusual covers, really eye catching art. I wish i had more money...
Superman Fan
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Posts: 5

« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2004, 10:52:11 AM »

Hi. I just registered just recently. I stopped collecting shortly after the "Death of Superman" with Doomsday.  It was enough of a shock when Byrne completely revised the character but then everything changed.
I have a collection of Action and Superman dating back to 1958. I also collected GL, Superboy, Supergirl, Flash and just about anything else. I also have the complete Crisis series including all crossovers and the Who's Who series and much more. Over 3000 at last count. I'm thinking of starting to collect again.
India Ink
Superman Squad
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Posts: 547

« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2004, 11:29:19 PM »

I can't say I have a big interest in new comics anymore.

I still like to see what's going on, but I feel the best comics right now are being published by independents.  I think the last really good thing DC published was the Bizarro Comics book, because independent creators were allowed to do whatever they wanted with DC's mainstream characters--and it worked!

My focus seems to have shifted almost entirely to old comics, and I find myself searching for more comics from that golden era 1962-1972.

Why is this a golden era?  Well from about '72 onward I had enough money to buy the comics I really liked so there's very few titles I missed.  If I missed 'em it's because I didn't care for them, and wouldn't much care for them now. So from about '72 onward, with few exceptions, I have all the comics I ever wanted.  And before '62 the cost of buying back issues is beyond the actual entertainment value of the comics themselves--again with a few exceptions.  But between '62 and '72 there's enough comics I don't have that I want to have for a reasonable price that this seems to be my main focus now.

Of course it helps that most of my favourite artists and writers and editor were active during this period (Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, Curt Swan, Joe Kubert, Murphy Anderson, Sid Greene, Bob Oksner, Kurt Schaffenberger, George Papp, George Klein, Edmond Hamilton, Jerry Siegel, Gardner Fox, John Broome, Arnold Drake, Otto Binder, Leo Dorfman, Mike Sekowsky, E. Nelson Bridwell, and Julius Schwartz).

India Ink
Action Ace
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Posts: 417

« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2004, 09:44:19 AM »

It's rather funny -- I abandoned comics after the Crisis, though I kept myself semi-informed about what was happening at DC.  Got a couple comics in the 1990s, but they were "special events".  It wasn't until "Many Happy Returns" and the ending of the Supergirl seires (which I rarely paid attention to during its run) that I realized it was the death of Kara Zor-El that disillusioned me.

So for the last year I've been gradually collecting old DC comics -- mainly the Super-titles, but occasionally a "bargain bin" series captures my fancy.  I got back in at the right time.  Since five local comic book stores have either moved, changed owners or gone out of business, I've been able to grab a lot of Silver/Bronze Age issues for literally pennies (I'm not very fussy about condition).

Completed Sets

DC:  Supergirl v1, v2; Who's Who v1; DC Challenge!; The Man of Steel; World of Krypton v.1, v.2; World of Smallville; World of Metropolis, Superman:  The Secret Years; The Legend of Wonder Woman; Amethyst v1, v3; Isis; Atlantis Chronicles; Crisis on Infinite Earths (TPB); History of the DC Universe; Spanner's Galaxy: Sun Devils; Shadow Cabinet; Scarlett; Lab Rats (OK, that series was dirt cheap -- and STILL not worth it!); Superman: Metropolis; Zero Hour; Superman vs. Aliens I; Conqueror of the Barren Earth; Invasion; The Krypton Chronicles; Phantom Zone; Rip Hunter: Time Master; The Prisoner; Phantom Stranger v.3.

Non-DC:  DNAgents, Terra Obscura

Nearly Complete

DC:  Superman Family (1 left!); Secret Origins v.3 (3 left); Wonder Woman v.1 #244-329 (25 left); Amethyst v.2 (4 left); Adventure Comics #381-424 (11 left); Silverblade (1 left).

Still Collecting

DC:  Batman Family v.1, v.2, Power Company; Night Force v.1, v.2; DC Comics Presents; The Huntress v.1; Crisis and Zero Hour crossovers; plus large runs of Action Comics, Superman, Teen Titans/Team Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes, Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Legionnaires, and The Legion.

Non-DC:  Elementals v.1, v.2

Current Comics

DC:  Superman:  Secret Identity, and selected issues of Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, Superman, Superman/Batman, JSA.

Not bad for one year, huh?   :wink:

Last Son of Krypton
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Posts: 309

« Reply #7 on: May 30, 2004, 11:06:06 PM »

I can't really say that I "collect" other comics but I do buy stuff other than Superman if that's what you mean.  

Superman I've got:

Action comics archvies 1-3
Superman achives 1-6
Supergirl archives 1-2
I'd say around 25 other hardcovers that are about Superman
Around 100-150 Superman comics.  Some reprints, some original old ones.
A lot of other books I don't see now and will only think tonight in my

Not Superman:
About 20 to 30 Marvel Essentials
Most of the Millenium Editions
Batman through the 50s, 60s, ect.
1 of Batman Archives, Spectre ARchives, Aquaman archives.
A few Marvel masterworks.
3 or 4 Chris Reeve Bios
Lots of 100 pages reprints, ect...  I love reprints.
Dc Greatest stories - got 'em all!  (Flash, Superman, Joker, ect...)
A lot of mags that have Superman movies' pictures
Other stuff too I can't think of.

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